The F.lli Serafino artistic glass windows - an ingenious synthesis of functionality and creativity - give to premises a touch of refined elegance becoming precious pieces of fittings.
Suitable for every furnishing style, classic and modern, for private houses or public places, they light every premise - even the simplest one - with precious colors and decorations creating suggestive plays of light.
From being prevalently decorative objects, the F.lli Serafino artistic glass windows have become important functional elements meeting the most varied furnishing requirements.
If used with intelligence and care, they can be used to join, divide, or define a space, without erecting architectural barriers.
The F.lli Serafino artistic glass windows can be an excellent alternative to wall or plasterboard screens and can become a decoration for doors or windows, a luminescent screen or a suggestive partition wall.
Lead-soldered panel with geometric pattern made of cathedral glass for a functional foldaway door.
Premises are so enriched with refined craftmade "unique pieces" that will last for life.