The F.lli Serafino Glassworks is a artistic glassmakers' workshop born on the four Serafino brothers' initiative in 1975, when Domenico, Giuseppe, Piero and Carmela became the heirs of their father's passion for the art of modelling glass.
Through the integration of different experiences, abilities and competences, the Serafino brothers produce glass windows of great artistic value; they use techniques together with the latest technological innovations.
The F.lli Serafino Glassworks produces every kind of glass window based on their own design or on customer's project for private or public premises, church and holy places.
In the F.lli Serafino's laboratory, the piece of work and its setting are carefully studied, materials, colors and enamels are selected and the most appropriate craft techniques are applied in order to give shape to refined glass windows, discreet screens, bright false ceilings, partition walls, panels for doors and windows, fittings.
From classic to liberty up to abstractionism, the F.lli Serafino's glass windows follow the most refined styles so to meet the aesthetical taste and the expectations of functionality of the most demanding customer.
Every piece of work of the F.lli Serafino Glassworks is unique and different from any other.
The F.lli Serafino Glassworks offers technical and commercial information, projects, personalized solutions, and the laying operations made by skilled workers.